Asset Management

somRepair, maintenance and rehabilitation of different objects (like bridges and other transportation structures, utility lines, buildings, heavy equipment, plants, etc.) require enormous attention from owners. Software suite for optimal management (SOM) developed by AGA Group, Inc. especially for these needs. SOM enable automated operation for:
- objects inventory,
- control of objects' condition states,
- optimal budget distribution for exploitation and renovation,
- creation of optimal renovation and maintenance plans,
- price control for goods/services supplied/provided by suppliers/contractors,
- control of road-map, terms and workmanship in respect to objects exploitation, maintenance and renovation,
- archiving, grouping, searching and analyzing information.

Having common methodological base, all products are developed specifically for particular industries Currently, the closest analog of a SOM is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. ERP, unlike SOM, is not optimal management system but information retrieval/lookup application. ERP lacks technical conditions assessment and service life forecasting features which are the basis of optimal planning in SOM. At the same time SOM cannot be used for bookkeeping, calculation etc.

Structurally SOM software consists of 7 modules:

  • "Catalogue" module - library for standardized object description and stucturization;
  • Inventory module - responsible for adequate object description;
  • Inspection module - responsible for assessment and tracking of condition state of every object defined on inventory list;
  • Analytical module - providing forecast of change in objects' condition state vs. time, depending upon selected maintenance strategy;
  • Financial-analytical module - providing optimal planning and budget distribution;
  • Managing module - controlling implementation of approved maintenance, repair and rehabilitation strategy;
  • Archiving module - archiving, lookup and statistical processing of information with possible manual override;

The product based on original methodological and analytical solutions, such as:

  • innovative multi-level objects' description;
  • establishing unique conformity between object's consumer-properties and maintenance/repair/ renovation events;
  • automatic control and adjustment of exploitation characteristics depending upon concrete usage of the object.

SOM prototype (Bridge Management System for the city of Moscow) was developed and implemented in 2002 by AGA with participation of Promos Inc (Israel), Cambridge Systematics (USA) and Ove Arup & Partners (UK). Experts considered that "the BMS embodies the latest international experience and is definitely at the cutting edge of knowledge on the subject" (Document of the World Bank, Conferemce in   Orlando, Fl). Another deployment of AGA technology SOM "Gidromost" has been put in operation in 2005. As of today it controls all transportation and drainage structures of the City of Moscow, providing completely new opportunities (Conferences in New York and Porto) for the Customer.