System Engineering

SystEngUsing field-proven research and multidisciplinary skills, AGA Group Inc. is able to fully integrate, within budget driven projects, the control, automation, diagnostic, maintenance and other systems for the fields of heavy-duty machinery, mining equipment and urban infrastructure, including but not limited to utility networks, buildings, bridges and transportation facilities.
AGA applies methods and advances of modern Systems engineering (SE), which means a "branch of engineering that "concentrates on the design and application of the whole as distinct from the parts, looking at a problem in its entirety, taking into account all the facets and all the variables and relating the social to the technological aspects" (Simon Ramo).
Strengthened by its unique experience derived from several challenging projects carried out by AGA Group, we offer our customers a full range of services with the benefit of single source responsibility. AGA's team experience allows our customers to reduce risks and fasten new products' introduction to the markets, combining low cost, high quality and reliability.