Service Technology

MonitoringFurther benefits are coming from maintenance optimization through preliminary diagnostics. Via behavioral modeling we construct object-testing systems (OTS) for constant or periodical inspection, which is providing "up-to-date" information about actual object's and parts' conditions. AGA offers OTS, which is able to operate hydraulic drives, engines, conveyors, bridges, and many others devices, units, equipment, and structures. These OTS measure not only loads, but also very specific parameters such as fluid contamination, energy losses or crack's propagation.

With OTS, AGA Group Inc. provides customers with Preliminary Diagnostic System (PDS), which identifies actual situation and predicts technical conditions of the equipment or structure. This allows catching the initial phase of the problem, and therefore dramatically decreases restoration cost.

PDS is paper- or computer-based product, which can be used by staff on every level of responsibility. Depending on PDS aim-function, it is possible to determine optimal equipment's service schedule, basing on:
Maintenance cost saving
Maximum durability of equipment/structure and its parts
Energy losses minimization
Operating cost saving
End-product cost saving
Maximum reliability
Minimum downtime

Preliminary diagnostics is especially effective for expensive or unique objects, as well for "key links" in technological chains, grants better risk and contingency management. AGA's practical experience proved that the use of OTS and PDS for monitoring of complex structures, such as bridges and apartment buildings, makes substantial savings while dealing with processes like crack formation caused by stress loads and water penetration.

Computer-based PDS also allows to form a database, which contributes in the optimization of budgets and programs for the inventory maintenance and improvement.